Jesse Vogelaar

Freelance Director

Jesse Vogelaar is a filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. He has gained notoriety
online through his absurd sense of visual humour. He tells stories for some of Australia’s
biggest brands but isn’t afraid to undermine social trends with the brush of satire.



'You'll love this humorous short film'

‘Jesse Vogelaar’s film explores the absurdity of the Circle Game.’

'This short film about the Circle Game is Australia’s greatest work of art'

‘For f*** sake Jesse Vogelaar’
Brown Cardigan

‘Vogelaar shows that anybody, regardless of age, gender, skin color, religion, etc. can partake in the circle game. And that's pretty damn beautiful.’
Daily Dot

'And it has been immortalised forever in the form of this short film, 'You Lose,' from Melbourne-based legend Jesse Vogelaar.'

‘An intense short film looking at the things people say during emotional moments in a relationship’
CNN Create